Reviews for Soft Out of Seventeen

Sam Flastic Hughes Music

- Sam, finally got down to listening to your album...

 and it WAS worth the wait! Dude! I loved it and it's staying in the player for a while. Highly creative musically and sonically - such a strong vibe. You got so many ideas but have crafted them together beautifully, as well as variations on a theme or two.

A highly satisfying ear-meal, thank you. Now I've finished burping I'll go now.


- Marc Parnell, April 2016


- You need to hear this, RIGHT NOW!!! 5*****

 Bought this album a couple of weeks ago and I've not stopped listening to it. This is a really interesting piece of music that develops continually throughout the 60 minutes. A great mix of acoustic and electric instruments traversing different genres and moods. There are few vocals on this album but the vocals that are there add so much to the beauty of the track. This is not like anything I've heard before but different sections do give nods (whether intentional or unintentional) to the likes of Jim O'Rourke, Spoonfed Hybrid, Mike Oldfield, LCD Soundsystem and Pink Floyd. There's also an amazing bluesy Dave Gilmour-esque guitar solo on the extremely uplifting end section. A truly beautiful album from start to finish that will stay with me forever!


- Matthew Alan Grieve, Amazon Reviewer, Feb 2016


- Pretty God Damn Good!!! 5*****

 I was told about this by a friend that its good........and it is!!!


- Had there DAY, iTunes Reviewer, Jan 2016


- Great Fun and Very Clever 5*****

 I heard about this on the radio and downloaded it straight away after hearing an excerpt. I have to say, it's pretty amazing. It's hard to comment on any one aspect of it because there are so many different sections and so many styles so all I'll say is, if you like music, just get it because there's bound to be sometingn here that you will love. Can't wait to listen to it all the way through in the car :)


- Dove Tail Joint, iTunes Reviewer, Jan 2016


- Bloody Brilliant 5*****

 Took a punt on this since it's only 99p and I'm not disappointed, it's brilliant! I've heard some bits of SFH's music before and this is just as good as ever. For anyone who isn't sure what they're looking at, Soft Out of Seventeen is like a song that's one hour long, but it goes through loads of different sections all the way through but keeps returning to a little chord sequence that comes back in many different guises. I love stuff like this. So many ideas and I really like the production - listen in headphones, it's really exciting!


- Cloggerclevs, Amazon Reviewer, Jan 2016


Reviews for This Time a Bird

Described by Wang Chung's Jack Hues as "Really fucking good", and by Jezus Factory Records as "A Brexit-baiting, swearing barnstormer",  This Time a Bird has received many high praises since its release.


To see the Medway Jellyfish's glowing, 5-out-of-5 review, click HERE.


Meanwhile, the wonderful prog rock connoisseurs over at Shindig Magazine said this: "Does This Time a Bird by the multi-instrumentalist writer/producer Sam Flastic Hughes really qualify as prog? Well, hardly; but it does feature an exceptional 12-minute title track that gradually defocuses in a Super Furries-style blizzard of electronica. And, more to the point, its ravenous ambition and restlessly inventive sound design mark it out as a definitively progressive-with-a-small-p artefact. Mmm... small pea.

Sam tucks away more imagination in a single verse than many of our most bovine sacred cows can muster over an entire career. This Time a Bird consequently makes for an enthralling and uplifting listen."

The full, 4-out-of-4 review is available in issue 71 of Shindig Magazine - available HERE.